Reservation will be guaranteed with a deposit. We accept cash, credit/debit card or check

Complete the reservation form (including medication record if medication is administered during stay) and submit it to Happy Cats Retreat

Complete Emergency Treatment Permission form*

Read and sign Bording Contract form*

Obtain current proof of FVRCP and rabies vaccination, spay/neuter certificate from your vet’s office. Bring this documentation with you at of drop-off

*Emergency Treatment Permission and Bording Contract forms: Either submit before check-in or bring with you at time of check-in

Label your carrier and any personal items (special foods, treats, vitamins/medications, toys)

Pack cat food (wet/dry) – amount per day x number of anticipated stay days + 3 days

Make sure your cat is treated for fleas

All cats come to Happy Cats Retreat in a carrier. Please text us before leaving home for drop-off/pick-up

Please bring your ID for your cat’s safety

Please keep cat food and personal items in bag/basket

Payment of anticipated charges for reserved service is due at time drop-off/check in

Please bring your ID

Make sure to collect all your personal items (toys, blankets, food, treats) before you check out